Studio von Berg Inspiration


Inspiration comes in many ways and is such an integral part of being an artist. It’s a total requisite. To me, inspiration is stimulating and encouraging and supportive. It is not comparison or copying. For me to stay true to self and business I like to gather my attention on what truly inspires the voice of my work.

This Inspiration series is a place for me to gather and show what inspires me. Enjoy.

Well, first things first. I'd like to start off this Inspiration series with the explanation of the name Studio von Berg. Studio von Berg comes from my last name, Shallenberger. When I first heard the last name Shallenberger, I thought it was pretty peculiar and almost funny. (I definitely did not think that it would someday be my last name.) Since then, I've come to really love the name and it has inspired the name and style of my work. The name is Swiss German and comes from a little town in Switzerland called Schallenberg. I've named my studio Studio von Berg, which in German translates to, Studio of Berg (me.) 

My work is typically raw and organic and is very inspired by nature. (You can read more about that on my About Page.) At the very root of my inspiration dreams is Swiss countryside and farmland. I love all of the imagery that comes to my mind when I think of a little farm nestled up in a small Swiss town with green rolling hills and wildflowers surrounding, and the mountains booming up in the backdrop. 

 Photo credit:  Hole & Sons

Photo credit: Hole & Sons

The thing about inspiration is that it is always being added to and always changing. What inspires me at one point mayn't inspire me at another time and what doesn't inspire me now may later spark something in my soul, but I think this inspiration that sparked Studio von Berg and the style of my work will be a constant. It is the heritage of Studio von Berg, so to speak, and just like my name and the heritage associated with it, I'm proud of it. 

 Photo credit: Unknown from  Pinterest

Photo credit: Unknown from Pinterest

Long live my Swiss countryside and farmland inspiration!